What’s Better. A Timber Or A Concrete Retaining Wall For My Brisbane Property?

Ok, so you need to get a new retaining wall. That’s cool. What type should you get built. Well in this article we are going to break down the differences between a timber retaining wall and a concrete retaining wall. Not to say one is better that the other, they both have positive points about them. So let’s see.

So your looking out into your Brisbane yard and you want to either enhance your living area or you want to create a little oasis within your yard. Or you may even have a repair job. Whatever the case we are here to help. Timber retaining wall or a concrete retaining wall? That’s depends. What’s the walls purpose?


Concrete retaining walls?

Ok so let’s take a look at the concrete retaining wall. Gone are the days that a concrete retaining wall is a bland slab that does nothing for your home. I’m sure you’ve done some homework and know some of them look amazing. They have come along way.

Concrete retaining walls can really make a yard look amazing as these days there are different types of molds that can be used to to make a wall look stylish. And of course enhance the properties look and value.

You can do a variety of things with concrete retaining walls. One being rendered that can look really classy in the garden area.

When it comes to costs. This of course can come down to a number of factors. Something that cannot be guessed and is best done via an onsite consultation. This will give you a very good idea as to what costs will be involved. As every job would be different as I’m sure you can understand. Out of all the different types of retaining walls, concrete retaining walls gives you probably the biggest variety. Again something to consider


Timber retaining wall?

Timber retaining walls do remain popular. They can last a while, If only, and I mean only if the timber has been treated in the right way. Some builders will stay away from building timber retaining walls as they can be too much hassle and the threat of termites and white ants are always going to be a factor that will come into play. Of the two biggest differences between a concrete retaining wall and a timber one, this is it. When building a Brisbane retaining wall, especially up here, this is a massive factor.

While the timber retaining wall may not last as long, what it does have over the concrete wall is it’s natural appearance. If a timber wall is professionally treated and installed, it can last for a number of years. But it will show wear and tear as the years go buy.

Concrete vs timber retaining walls

Ok so we have discussed some of the bigger factors to consider about the two walls. Let’s take a look at a few more. The visual appearance is of course a factor as you have to look at it, so you want it took at least look nice. Good point I’d say.

Here’s the thing. We can go on and on about the benefits of each wall, but at the end of the day it will probably come down to what will suite the area where the wall is going to be built. What’s the purpose of the wall. How big the wall will be and of course the consideration of being in Brisbane, the pest factor should come into play.

This is where I come in and highly recommend you booking in for an on-site design consultation. We can give you what we think is the best advice for the area you’re looking to build. We can discuss all the factors involved and give you the best quote. Don’t forget there are also other options we can look at like. Block retaining walls and stone retaining walls. These should also be considered. There is some more info here if you wish. Anyway if your looking to get a Brisbane retaining wall built, we are the team to talk to. Get in touch and lets book in a time to give you an affordable quote. Cheers.