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Here Are Some Of The Most Common Question That Get Asked About Retaining Walls

Council Approval. Do I need it to build my new retaining wall?

Generally yes you do. It does depend on the height and the size. If the wall is higher than 1 meter then yes you will need to get council approval. But it’s important to first check with your local council as there can be a number of variations.

Do I need to organise an engineer’s design for my retaining wall. If yes is this something you can arrange for me?

Every building project, retaining wall included needs to submit an engineer’s design. And yes of course, We can organise the design process for you. We have a team that we will work closely with us to achieve this.

The building application? Can this also be organised?

Absolutely. We can organise an engineering associate to sort out the design and relevant forms for the application. It will be up to you, the owner of the property to submit the application.

Is building a retaining wall over an easement within my properties grounds allowed?

Unfortunately no you cannot. If you want to know more about Queensland retaining walls requirements. Here is a link to the councils regulations.

What’s the cost involved with building a retaining wall?

That’s something that’s hard to give an answer to as it does depend on a number of variations. The size of the wall is of course a big factor.

The material. Soil conditions. Land variations. And a number of other factors.

That’s why It’s best to get one of our on-site inspection. We can get a much better idea through pricing your wall after the site inspection. That’s out preferred method as it gives you a much better idea as to what’s involved without the guesswork.