Our Signature Hardwood Sleeper Timber Retaining Walls

Timber Hardwood Sleeper Retaining Walls


I want to touch on timber retaining walls here. Especially hardwood timber sleeper retaining walls. These are my favourite to build as you get an amazing finished products that is unique to each property I do.

Timber sleeper retaining walls give you that natural landscape look that fit in well but also stand out. These raw hardwood high gloss timber retaining walls we build are amazing as a feature retaining wall or just as a retaining wall in general. But built as a feature wall, the finished product is something I’m very proud of

I have the ability to source the timber in bulk from various local sources. Then I mill and shape the timber sleepers myself. I do this myself which allows the cost of the walls to become affordable for you.. I take the time to lacquer and dress the raw hardwood that gives you a very unique retaining wall that cannot be compared with. These Brisbane timber retaining walls are all built to be one of a kind. And you’ll find very few if any retaining wall builders in Brisbane will ever bother, simple because they need to be built with care.

Below is some recent work and there will be more to come.  If your looking for a feature retaining wall for your property that will stand the test of time and look bloody amazing, please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss you new project over the phone. Cheers.

This is one of our latest Raw hardwood timber retaining walls. It came up spot on. We are very happy with the finished product as are the property owners, they were tickled pink. Awesome job guys.